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Vintage arms industry documentary seems contemporary

Filmed in 1935, “Dealers in Death” documentary film offers a contemporary view of the most important makers of armaments in the world at that time. It uses a case-history format to explore the activities of these companies, which is augments by newsreel footage that shows preparation for war and a look at wars of the […]

Diplomatic cables raise concerns of US influence in F-35 jet campaign

Photo: Julius Delos Reyes/The Dominion
by Saira Peesker, The Dominion, Feb. 28, 2011
“The greatest contribution that I appreciate from the Dominion is that one feels the energies, the focus of a new generation of Canadians taking stock of Canadian reality as it is.” –Jooneed Khan
TORONTO—Classified cables released in December 2010 revealed an exhaustive American campaign to […]

F-35 Stealth Fighter: A bad deal for Canada

By Michael Bueckert, Program Coordinator, Project Peacemakers
As you may know, this past July, the Conservative government announced what could be the single largest military procurement in Canada’s history when it declared its intention to buy 65 F-35 Lightning II aircraft (A.K.A. “Joint Strike Fighters”) to replace our aging fleet of CF-18s starting in 2016.
If you […]