National Stop Harper Day: Funeral for Canada (Winnipeg)

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Location: Osborne Village, Winnipeg


  • born 1867 – if you consider “Confederation” the birth of a democratic country
  • died 2012 – if you consider the total disregard for the health and welfare of its people as the death of a democratic country

The citizens of Canada are in mourning. Since the fraudulent election of the current Conservative government, megalomaniac Stephen Harper has been turning his back on democratic process. This practice has led to the painful death of the country of which so many of us were once so proud.

July 1st, has traditionally been the day for celebrating Canada’s birthday, seems an appropriate day to mourn its death.

Open casket viewing will take place in Osborne Village beginning at approximately 1:30. Mourners are invited to share their thoughts through notes, drawings, photos, newspaper articles, songs, rants, poems, whatever your heart desires. We want to know how you feel about the current state of the nation. We want to hear about your fear, your sadness, your anger, and your love.

Mourners are also invited to join a procession to the Forks at approximately 3:30pm. Feel free to bring pots and pans to help carry the soul of your country to another level of existence.

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