Dark side of Canada’s foreign policy exposed

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Author critical of government, defence, mining industries, banks

By TAMARA LORINCZ, Halifax Chronicle Herald, May 31, 2009

The Canadian government supplied the uranium for the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in the Second World War. Ottawa supported South African apartheid by allowing trade and commerce with the racist government. With the support of our foreign service, Canadian mining companies weakened regulations and propped up dictators in Central and South America. In 2004, Canada helped France and the United States overthrow the democratically elected government of Haiti.

Many Canadians will be shocked and saddened by these and other examples in Yves Engler’s new book, The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy. It is a must-read, critical examination of Canada’s role in the world and challenges the beliefs we have about our country.

Engler is a Montreal-based independent journalist and community activist who has written two other books: Playing Left Wing: From Rink Rat to Student Radical and Canada in Haiti: Waging War on the Poor Majority, co-authored with Anthony Fenton in 2005.

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Note: Yves Engler will be speaking in Winnipeg on June 11th and 12th, and will be the keynote speaker at Winnipeg’s 28th annual Walk for Peace on June 13th.

Below is video of Yves Engler speaking on Canadian foreign policy regarding Latin America at a launch of his book in Toronto, May 7.

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