Rally: Pass Bill C-398

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Location: Under the Canopy, at The Forks, in Winnipeg

Join grandmothers and grand-others coast-to-coast to send a message to Ottawa, confirming that Canadians care.

Bill C-398 licenses Canadians to save lives. Right now, there are millions of people in developing countries dying of treatable diseases. Low-cost, life-saving Made-in-Canada generic medicines can be marketed to developing countries and save countless lives. All it will take is passage of Bill C-398 in Parliament and, at no cost to taxpayers, generic drugs can make the difference.

Program to include:

  • African drumming
  • lights at sunset
  • CBC’s Ismaila Alfa as Emcee
  • Speakers . . . and MORE!

Sponsors: Grands ‘n’ More Winnipeg, Grandmothers Advocacy Network

Background Information:

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