“Let them stay” rally at Vic Toews’ office

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Let them stay! Stop deporting U.S. war resisters from Canada!

You are invited to help an important humanitarian and social justice cause and to help restore Canada’s tarnished international image.

Where: Hon. Vic Toews’ consitituency office, 8-227 Main Street, Steinbach, MB

Please attend this peaceful rally and serenade to urge the Government of Canada to:

  • welcome U.S. war resisters as courageous heroes
  • stop violating international law by deporting them to endure lengthy jail sentences for making the right moral decision.

Come out to support Joshua Key, a veteran of the illegal Iraq war who is at a critical stage in his refugee claim process. (In violation of international law and against all logic, the latest refugee tribunal decision by Ken Atkinson, a former M.P. in Brian Mulroney’s Conservative government, has rejected Joshua’s claim.)

The program, part of a Canada-wide week of action in support of war resisters, will end by 2:30 pm. We will sing a few anti-war songs (music provided), hear from supportive groups and hold up a banner.

Steinbach is 30 minutes by car from Winnipeg’s perimeter. If you can stay an extra hour or two, we will be distributing leaflets door to door after the rally.

Public Safety minister Vic Toews is the Conservative government’s senior representative in Manitoba. We will deliver a letter to him with questions about the deportations and to request a later meeting.

Transportation: Please call us if you have room in a car or need a ride – (204) 792-3371!

Information: Keep Resisters in Canada Campaign – (204) 792-3371 or keepresisters@mts.net

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