American Peace Activists: “Thank you, Canada!”

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JULY 10, 2008

From: Veterans for Peace

Canadian Consulate Vigils Huge Success!

Well, we had a great day overall! Thanks to the united efforts of many folks, we succeeded in mounting actions at the Canadian Embassy and Consulates in 14 U.S. cities! The reports from the various cities are still trickling in. There were reportedly 60 people at the vigil in New York, 50 in San Francisco, “50 some” in Chicago, and respectable showings elsewhere.  There was significant media coverage of these vigils in both the U.S. and Canada.  Veterans For Peace president Elliott Adams was interviewed on Canadian Broadcasting Corp. television this morning and CBC covered the vigil in Washington too.  Associated Press showed up at several rallies.  We had local TV and radio coverage here in Seattle, along with AP and Free Speech Radio News.  And the beat goes on.

Thanks to the collaboration of Courage to Resist, Veterans For Peace and Project Safe Haven, these were easily the largest nationally coordinated actions in the U.S. on behalf of our war resisters in Canada. – Gerry Condon

Vigil at Canadian Consulate (Seattle) in support of War Resisters

[youtube O1XxLolymaM]

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