UPDATE: Appeal for Joshua Key

Jan. 17, 2011: Joshua Key addresses a group in Winnipeg during Let Them Stay Week, a national campaign to allow war resisters to remain in Canada. Photo: Paul S. Graham

by Peace Alliance Winnipeg
Great news! Since this appeal was issued on January 3rd, we have learned that Josh has been informed he will be permitted to work and that he will be eligible for health care. While this is welcome news, it does nothing to alleviate the immediate financial difficulties Josh and his family face. So […]

Don’t let fear dictate our refugee policy

Paris Peace Symbol

by Shahina Siddiqui
The horrific and cowardly attacks by IS in Turkey, Beirut and Paris are a reminder that violence begets violence. French President François Hollande, by declaring war on IS, has unleashed air strikes against IS “headquarters” — a heavily populated area where undoubtedly there will be civilian casualties in the hundreds.
The difference is there […]

Harper and terrorists misuse the term “jihad”

Photo: Paul S. Graham

Photo: Paul S. Graham
by Shahina Siddiqui
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s obsession with what he considers jihad is reaching the point of fatal attraction. In his latest assault on Canadians’ rights and freedoms, Harper has promised if elected he will ban travel to “terrorist hot spots.” He says, with a straight face, that it will help make […]

Hiroshima Peace Declaration 2015


Kazumi Matsui, Mayor of Hiroshima. Photo: Wikipedia
In our town, we had the warmth of family life, the deep human bonds of community, festivals heralding each season, traditional culture and buildings passed down through history, as well as riversides where children played. At 8:15 a.m., August 6, 1945, all of that was destroyed by a single […]

Muslims unfairly targeted in Canadian Senate report

Photo: Paul S. Graham

Shahina Siddiqui. Photo: Paul S. Graham
By Shahina Siddiqui
The Senate’s Conservative-dominated standing committee on national security and defence released its interim report Thursday — and it is off-the-scale ridiculous, but not surprising.
This, of course, is the committee that I was invited to present at, and was put through a McCarthy-style inquisition by Conservative senators. I was […]