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End NATO Rally

April 4 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm CDT

Join us on April 4th, 5pm at River and Osborne as we come together to call for the end of Canada’s involvement in the immensely destructive war machine that is NATO.

This April marks the 75th anniversary of NATO, an organization of which Canada was a founding member. Under cover of a false claim—to be working toward the preservation of peace and stability—NATO has in reality, through its corrupt principle of “peace through strength” been engaged in relentless war expansion for the interests of US imperialism, and of other western nations whose banks and corporate monopolies move for profit. In service to these interests, NATO has been a primary vehicle of war, occupation, and destabilization in the world for these past 75 years.

Canada’s involvement has meant an inability to enact foreign policy that deviates from the will of the United States, and it has also meant the draining of billions of desperately needed budgetary resources that should be going to social needs and environmental protection in Canada.

In order to get off of this relentless path of destruction, Canada must move to a foreign policy model of peace and disarmament, not one of endless war and destruction that will ultimately lead to annihilation. So please join us to help spread the message: 75 years is a shamefully long record of invasion, destruction, and death for the sake of profit. Canada must say no to endless war and GET OUT OF NATO.


April 4
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm CDT


River Avenue and Osborne Street, Winnipeg