Chossudovsky: US will start WW3 by attacking Iran

By Russia Today, Feb. 19, 2010
A UN nuclear watchdog report suggests Iran could be developing a nuclear bomb, apparently confirming long-held suspicions in the West. But Tehran denies the claims, again insisting that its atomic intentions are peaceful. Michel Chossudovsky, who’s from an independent Canadian policy research group, believes that what Iran says hardly matters, […]

No Olympic Truce in Marjah

By the Canadian Peace Alliance, Feb. 19, 2010
While our Prime Minister talks about the the “Olympic Truce”, a symbolic suspension of war during the winter games, the people of Afghanistan are facing a new wave of violence.
The official website for the 2010 Winter Olympics claims that “Vancouver 2010 aims to pursue the Olympic Truce goals […]

Justice for Abousfian Abdelrazik

Project Fly Home has launched a campaign on behalf of Abousfian Abdelrazik, the Sudanese-Canadian man who was wrongly imprisoned and tortured in Sudan in 2003 and prevented by the Canadian government from returning to Canada until last year.
Documents obtained by his supporters under the Privacy Act implicate the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in his […]

Obama’s Record War Budget

Will Obama’s Record War Budget Lead to a US Victory in Afghanistan? Don’t Bet On it?
by Jack A. Smith, Global Research, February 14, 2010
President Barack Obama has increased the Pentagon’s perennially-bloated annual spending spree to its greatest magnitude since World War II $708 billion. Congress eventually will overwhelmingly approve Obama’s war budget request for fiscal […]

Europe’s undeclared nuclear powers

Europe’s Five “Undeclared Nuclear Weapons States”
Are Turkey, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy Nuclear Powers?

U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Europe • Hans M. Kristensen/Natural Resources Defense Council, 2005
by Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, February 12, 2010
According to a recent report, former NATO Secretary-General George Robertson confirmed that Turkey possesses 40-90 “Made in America” nuclear weapons at the […]