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Arrest George Bush

On Thursday, George W. Bush and former U.S. president Bill Clinton (himself an accomplished war criminal) will be attending the Surrey Regional Economic Summit at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel. Here’s some information from the Canadian Peace Alliance on what you can do to support Bush’s arrest for war crimes.

» Report George W. Bush as [...]

Occupy Winnipeg for Peace

Oct. 15, 2011: Peace Alliance Winnipeg members participate in the Occupy Winnipeg march. Photo: Dave Shaver/Facebook
About 400 Winnipeggers marched from the Manitoba Legislature to the Toronto Dominion building (Portage and Notre Dame) Saturday to add their voices to the international outcry against corporate greed.
Peace Alliance Winnipeg was a part of this, as were many [...]

Israeli privilege is unsustainable – Amira Hass

Sept. 30, 2011 – Award-winning Israeli journalist Amira Hass speaking at the University of Winnipeg on the need to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. Photo: Paul S. Graham
by Paul S. Graham
“Inhuman, immoral and unsustainable” are the words used by Amira Hass to describe what she terms “the State of Israel and the privileges [...]

The Curious Case of Canada’s Missing Cholera Treatment Camp


By Paul S. Graham
Cholera kills. Since the UN brought the disease to Haiti last year, 6,000 have died. Because this disease thrives in countries that lack potable water and sewage treatment infrastructure, it is unlikely to be eradicated soon in that country.
Cholera treatment facilities are likely to be an ongoing need in Haiti for some [...]

Oppose secret trials in Canada

Mohamed Harkat

By Sophie Lamarche Harkat

Please sign the statement against Secret Trials in Canada (Security Certificates) at Security certificates allow for the detention of refugees and immigrants without charge or access to the evidence. My husband Mohamed Harkat – Moe to his friends – is one of those men.
Mohamed HarkatAs many of you may know, Moe [...]

Say No To Islamophobia

Canadian Peace Alliance, September 7, 2011
With the 10th year anniversary of September 11 only days away, Stephen Harper is using the occasion to whip up more hatred against Muslims.
While Harper claims that so-called “Islamicism” is the biggest security threat facing Canada, [...]

Canada’s foreign policy at odds with popular priorities

By Paul Weinberg,, Aug. 16, 2011
TORONTO — Canada has flexed its military muscles, first in Afghanistan for nine years alongside NATO forces and now in Libya in its supply of ships and combat planes for the rebel forces, but little debate has happened on the ground among Canadians themselves on this direction.
A recent summer [...]

End Canada’s bombing of Libya!

By the Canadian Peace Alliance
This September, the 3-month extension of Canada’s military role in Libya passed through Parliament will expire. When the NATO bombing of Libya began, Stephen Harper assured the public that the operation would drive Gaddafi from power in short order. [...]

Stand on guard for creeping militarism

By Michael Fellman, The Tyee, July 28, 2011
On April 15, Jason Kenny fully scripted a commanding role for military to play during citizenship ceremonies. The veteran, preferably from the Afghanistan War, to be introduced at the start of the ceremony, should declare that, “as a Canadian citizen, you live in a democratic [...]

Afghanistan: Canada’s war continues

By the Canadian Peace Alliance
If you had to rely on mainstream media reports or the latest government press release, you would think that Canada had completely left Afghanistan. Most discussions about Canada’s mission focus exclusively on whether the combat role has been a success or failure. What is absent is a critical look at the [...]